After CPNE, are you considered a GN?

  1. After you complete all your courses and pass the CPNE, but have not yet taken state board exam, are you considered a GN and can practice as one until you take the exam and find out if you pass or not? Nurses from traditional RN programs are allowed to work this way until results of their state board exams are back.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It will depend on your state. There are actually quite a few states that do not have the title of GN anymore. You are required to actually have passed your boards before you are permitted to begin working in those states. There are also hospitals that will require the RN after your name before beginning work.
  4. by   Nascar nurse
    You have not "officially" graduated for EC until they review your transcript to make sure you have completed ALL requirements and they finish processing all the paper work. (Not just because you have passed CPNE) They will tell you ahead of time what date will be on your diploma and then - and only then - will you be an offical graduate. This process takes 4-8 weeks.

    Your location states somewhere in the midwest - I am in Indiana and Suzanne is correct - this state does not recognize GN's AT ALL!! Must be a LICENSED/REGISTERED nurse to work.
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