advice needed.. may have to quit

  1. I'm enrolled in the ADN program at my local community college, currently in the 3rd semester of 4. Its looking like due to SO's job transfer we are going to have to move out of state. I've been looking at the Excelsior (sp?) program and wanted some thoughts on it.... Will it be easier or more difficult considering I'm 2/3 done with the ADN? I am not a LPN nor have I worked in the health care setting. How quickly is it possible to get it done? I wouldn't be working, but I do have 3 kids. Any thoughts or advice you may have would be appreciated!
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  3. by   BuddahNature
    If I were you I would call Excelsior College and pose your concerns to them. You can speak to them without being enrolled and get information. It is my understanding that the lenghth of time it takes is up to the individual once they get started. Keep in mind,there is no deadlones you have to meet,and this is a self paced program. I would say then the amount of time it would take you depends on how much time you can spend on your studies.
  4. by   Coldfoot
    As was metioned, get in touch with EC directly, they will evaluate your current transcript, give you credit for that, and then you'll only have to take the exams to finish the program.

    The thing you are going to be hit with is that the requirements for EC change 1 October. As such, they are burried under applications so they aren't doing transcript evals unless you enroll. They will look your info over and tell you that you are elligble to enroll but not exactly what courses you need. Looking at the new versus the old, in your shoes I'd do everything I could to get enrolled before the October deadline.

    Good luck