ADN RNs-excelsior in CA????

  1. I read that CA does not recognize an ADN from Excelsior. Does this mean before taking boards or say if I got mine from there and lived in MO, then wanted to MOVE. ARe they saying I can't practice as an RN if I already was accepted and licensed in another state. THANK YOU
    (so, anyone a practicing RN in CA w/an ADN or BSN from Excelsior)
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  3. by   rehab nurse
    You are right. California does not recognize EC's ADN or any other nursing degrees if it is for INITIAL licensure.
    If you are not an RN, but use EC's ADN program to get initial RN licensure in another state, you will not be eligible for licensure in California. I believe the cutoff date was in December 2004. I may be wrong. But I think that's the date, cause I registered/enrolled with EC just a few months afterwards and I was warned by EC I would not be able to get licensed in California. I didn't care, as my whole family lives midwest/east coast, and I won't move.
    Even if you practice as an RN in another state, California has stated it won't recognize your license.
    There are a lot of threads on this in the distance learning forum, and this discussion often gets heated.
    There are more and more state boards who are restricting licensure for EC RN's. The best thing to do is contact the BON in your state. Things change over time, and a list from a few months ago may no longer be accurate. I believe Maryland was the latest state board to no longer accept EC RN's.

    The best advice I could give you is to check with the BON's in the states you will most likely live in, if you are planning to move.
    Every individual has to decide what will be the best plan for them, whether that is going through EC's program, or a more traditional school. Everyone has different needs and wants, and the decision must be an individual one.

    Good luck to you. And check out the threads in the Distance Forum. There are EC students and graduates that post frequently in that forum.

  4. by   mel1977
    thank you! I have the other option of Indiana U online from LPN to BSN. I just spent a whole year in a classroom and just can't bear the thought of doing that again-plus, other things incl working full time and getting my RN. Long story but online is the best for me-guess I should weigh on my options. I know as of now, Illinois, has been added to that list, but the states I am interested in: NV, AZ, CO, MO, all accept it NOW. I guess I should consider the future of what if they change and here I am stuck not able to work.
    Again, thank you
  5. by   rehab nurse
    Illinois does accept it by endorsement, as long as you work for 2 years somewhere else as an RN.

    And most of the states that accept it now, as long as you stay enrolled until graduation, then you are granfathered in. I don't know of any state that has revoked a RN license after granting it.

    Have you tried looking up those BON websites for the states you are interested in? I am not familiar with those states either. I live in Michigan, and I know a lot of EC grads from here.

    Maybe a mod can move this over to the distance forum, you will get more answers there for sure. There are quite a few EC grads there, not sure from what states they are from... but maybe you'll get lucky and someone will know something about those states. But the best option is for you to check those state websites...they hold the final decision on whether or not they grant initial licensure.

    Good luck!
  6. by   RN34TX
    Quote from mel1977
    I know as of now, Illinois, has been added to that list, but the states I am interested in: NV, AZ, CO, MO, all accept it NOW.
    Not unconditionally.
    Both AZ and CO have been the more recent states to add restrictions to EC grads.
    Interestingly enough, they both voted to become a part of the compact so EC RN's from other states either are now or will be free to work in AZ or CO without restrictions while they continue to place additional restrictions on their own residents.

    Also, IL has not been a recent addition to the list. They've never accepted EC grads for initial licensure from the beginning.
    They allow endorsement from experienced RN's because they've already experienced what CA is about to experience in years to come:

    You've banned the program, now what are you going to do with these applications from experienced RN's who want to endorse?
    Send them back to med/surg and psych clinicals?

    Two things to keep in mind:
    1. It is not a black and white issue of whether or not a state accepts or does not accept EC grads. The majority of states still accept it unconditionally, and those who have made recent changes have not gone the radical CA route and banned them completely after Dec. 2003, they just added additional clinical requirements.

    2. With the only exception being CA, experienced RN's wanting to endorse into the affected states are not affected by these changes. The changes are for new grads who have not yet worked as RN's in another state.