A&P thread for support

  1. I hope this works and we can give each other support and advice about studying and keeping motivated and focused. I have been using a study guide coloring book my dad bought me along with notes off of the yahoo group rnstudy group. How about everyone else? I am having trouble focusing and getting organized. Ok so I started who is next? Angelbear
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  3. by   mobileLPN
    I would totally be interested in an online group that is studying for the A & P exam. I just sent my application/review to Excelsior and I've decided that as A&P will probably be the hardest test, I'll do it first.
  4. by   Fox

    You mention a study group on yahoo. I tried doing a search on yahoo, but no luck. Can you please gv me the web address, it sounds interesting.

    Thanks !!!!
  5. by   angelbear
    Once you are on the yahoo home page there is a whole big list of stuff like people search maps stuff like that one of them is groups click on that once that opens up there is a search box type in rnstudygroup it should take you there then just click on join now. If that doesnt work let me know and I will take the time to get the addy for you. Sorry worked all night tired now. Angelbear
  6. by   angelbear
    Sorry it took me so long but here is the yahoo address cool site http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rnstudygroup/
    I hope that works for you they even are startin individual course studygroups in there links section I hope this helps you.