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What do you mean by 3's etc ?

I even count out loud "one, two, three - locked" and repeat that three times on my doors. And tap the door three times, or pulling the door tab three times.


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So, I am glad I came across this comment in my search for answers. I am a nursing student and my OCD is really good for school but horrible for my relationship. I've never been diagnosed with OCD because culturally my family didn't go to the doctors all the time. My baby bro died in a hospital setting so I think my dad had trust issues. Either way... I recognized what was wrong with me waaay later in life and by the time I learned about it I had already had my own way of dealing with it. My OCD circles around double and sometimes triple checking myself especially when I know I've done it anyway. Like setting my alarms or doing any kind of math. I reread paragraphs from the book over a few times and sometimes get stuck making sure I understood a sentence a few times even though I knew I understood but wanted to make sure. My boyfriend thinks I doubt him... when in actuality I just double check everything from what I read to what I have planned. I am not very organized so it makes it harder to keep track of certain things (part of me wishes I had the OCD in organization). Either way, I myself don't want to take meds but I am trying to fix my relationship. With my issue, I spend so many hours studying and little time for myself much less him. Are the meds worth the risk? I don't like med dependency and I am nervous about bringing this up with my physician. I am already 27 and feel like I won't be believed. Constantly doubting and it's driving me insane. I also think some forms of therapy are not beneficial as I have done therapy before for another incident (really bad car accident). Either way, I feel alone. Any suggestions?

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