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Nursing to OBGYN


Hi, I just really wanted to know how realistic this goal is. I've been pretty solid as far as career goals; and I never truly intended on going to nursing school, yet here I am (because I'm on my father's GI bill and he mandated my college path). To begin with, I'm not bad with patients at bed side, and I'm very thorough at thinking critically when it comes to explaining why patients are the way they are, what to do next, etc. If there's one thing I hate; it's how we cannot make diagnoses and how physicians condescend me. It's truly irritating. My original goal coming in to college was to become either an OBGYN or a pharmacist. I applied to all my colleges as a pre-pharm, chemistry, or biochem major, only applied to ONE SCHOOL AS A NURSING MAJOR (ended up there).

My father told me to use nursing as a prereq fo med school (being the naive senior I was, I believed it). Yet I know now nursing DOES NOT have the appropriate classes I should be taking for med school; my question now, what is a realistic way of becoming an OBGYN. If possible, I'd really like to avoid compromising as nurse practioner. I'm also joining the navy, will that be able to help me get into med school? Lastly, how much time should I be spending as a nurse, I know I have yet to finish the classes required for med school.

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If you feel so strongly that nursing is a lesser career -- & one in which you are certain to be miserable -- it makes no sense to continue with nursing studies. Rather than wasting that "GI Bill" funding, you should convince your dad that medicine is the only goal you want to pursue.

FYI - nurses do diagnose... within our own scope of practice, which is different from medicine. You would have discovered this when you took nursing classes.

Wishing you the best of luck in accomplishing your goals.

Nursing isn't really an advantage in getting into medical school. Cut your losses on the nursing degree, take the prerequisites you need for medical school, ace them and the MCAT, and apply to medical schools. If you really want to be a physician, you're never going to be happy in nursing.