Nursing ntry Level Question-Need Advice!


Hi all,

I'm currently a high school student applying to colleges.

I'm slightly confused about how admissions to nursing programs work.

From what I've researched, for California state schools(csu's) you have to apply for a pre-nursing program with no nursing school guarantee and then try-out for nursing school with the whole process taking 4 years.

Is this the typical process? I'm scared of having to go into a csu and not being able to make it into the nursing program because of how competitive it is(apparently you compete against hundreds for a few spots)...

In addition, is there anyway I can get into a csu nursing program direct entry the year after high school?

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I would advise speaking with a guidance counselor, they'd really be able to help you the most :)!

I know for myself at least (in Florida) I applied for my college as a freshman, was accepted there.

Then had my major as "Pre-Nursing" while I completed my 2 years of pre-requs.

Then applied for my SON among 400 other people.

Was then accepted and had to wait about a year to begin the program.

It's certainly a process for many schools though! Good Luck!

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In California, you can do your pre reqs for nursing at community colleges or state schools. Look up the schools that have nursing programs. Community colleges have Associates degrees and state schools/private universities usually offer bachelors. Decide which type of degree you want to do, then talk to a guidance counselor. They have a way of setting up your "transfer " program. They basically write down all the classes that are transferable for when you apply to nursing programs.

Yea, I will definitely ask my counselor about all's quite overwhelming.

Thank you for the response! :]



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Go to the nursing program's page of each university's website. They should spell out exactly how it works for their program.


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I agree that every school has different requirements. Just check out all of your options before you make your decision :) Good Luck!