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when my husband returns from korea, me and my 3 children are suppose to be moving to north carolina. i was wondering if there is anyone out there that lives in north carolina (fayettville or 60 mile radius) that could give me advice about where to work and live. we are suppose to be stationed at fort bragg. i plan to go on the school for my masters. if so please email me at nurse200[email protected]. i am a icu nurse with exp. in med/sur/neur/unit


michelle moore

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Duke Univ. Med. Center has a master's program & positions available. I work there in adult BMT/SCT program & am "webmaster" of our site. If you follow the "Duke Links" section of our home page, you may find some useful information for you.


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Hi, I live in Clinton, NC which is only about 25 miles from Fayetteville. The 3 main hospitals there are Cape Fear Valley, Highsmith-Rainey and of course WOMAC which is the army hospital.


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Hi michelle. i sent you a email full of leads. i hope it gets to you. if not mail me back and i'll try to do it here. i am atbragg too oh well the mail came back again.user unknown. mail me and i will forward it to you. it is too much to list here or retype. if you can't do that then i will post it here.


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