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Does anyone know of any excellent burn injury websites? I'm looking mostly for nursing interventions or a website that has NCLEX like questions on burns I can answer.

Is there a Critical Care Nurse out there who specializes in Burns that could answer questions I had?

Thanks for your time and resources.

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Hi , im also looking at treatment of burns, in particular, acticoat dressing versus hypafix, or ssd cream versus acticoat...The unfortunate thing about my ER, we dont see the end results, I am only goingon hearsay, i do know hypafix works, but now am told acticoat is wonderful and what everyone is using,, love to hear some replies on what people thinks works best on partial thickness burns..

thanks chris

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hi, cancelbloop. . .it's gonna be hard to find the nclex questions unless you search through some printed books of nclex questions. have one website for nursing and wound care that i have often posted. you can search through the site for information about wound care of burns: - world wide wounds. an online resource for dressing materials

and practical wound management information. has links at the bottom of the opening page to acute wounds, dressings and bandages, maggot therapy, miscellaneous, veterinary, diabetic feet, infected wounds, leg ulcers and pressure ulcers.

other sites:

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