Tx fingerprint option

  1. What is the difference of doing fingerprint at the police department(card) or doing it electronically for NCLEX. authorization.:spin:
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  3. by   Ike Arumba
    I haven't graduated NS yet, so I can't give you an answer for that. But if you are looking to submit a Declaratory Order to the TX state board, there is no difference between the two except $9.95 oh and about 5-10 days. I found out yesterday that unless you are a NS student already, they are going to electronically scan your fingerprints (for 9.95) and then generate a FBI fingerprint card with your digital prints on them and mail them to you within about 5 days for you to fill out the descriptive info and mail to your BON. If you just go to the police station it will cost you some inky fingers and a little bit of time. I had mine done yesterday at the local PD and I had to wait about an hour for someone to come do them, but then they were done and I mailed them off yesterday. Sorry about the long post, and I hope it made sense. HTH :typing
  4. by   KAYBDT6
    Thanks for the response. I call the BON they clarify that it takes about 3days to mail it to the DPS but if it is electronically, is right away. But i will prefer to do it @ the PD because of the waiting time of 10 days.