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I'm a nervous wreck! I completed my BSN in May and applied to take the NCLEX, but my past criminal history (2 driving on revoked in 1996 and a failure to appear in 2009) have caused my application to... Read More

  1. by   Orca
    During my last semester in nursing school, we attended a BON meeting. It was sobering to watch the board discipline, suspend and revoke licenses (which, I suppose, was the point). During that same meeting one of my classmates had to appear before the board to discuss a prior criminal case for the board to determine whether he was going to be allowed to take the licnesing exam. I felt bad for him, for all of that to be laid out in the open before all of his classmates. The board approved him to take the exam.

    Good luck on your hearing.
  2. by   mlbluvr
    Laid out in the open, is an understatement. On the BON site, every detail about your friend is freely available to the public. Arrest record, conviction, details of every BON meeting/minutes, and every document to him from the BON, and from him to the BON. Many states also throw it out there to the web, as an added 'protection to the public', if you Google his name, see what happens? Yep- his dirty laundry from the BON. Consider it a permament gift of crucifixion. Misdemeanor, or felony, 20 years ago or last night- you're guilty as hell, and will be forever made aware of that. Good topic in fact, for every school to be required to cover- the disciplinary site of your state's BON.