TBON and non-disclosure.

  1. Ugh. So I sent in my declaratory to the texas board of nursing, including a copy of my personal FBI fingerprinted background check, juvenile records, and a well written letter describing the incidents. FYI, my criminal history are all juvenile records. No records as an adult.

    I was to wait 10 days in order to submit an online application at L1Id for fingerprinting.

    It has been 12 days and I was just told that my declaratory order might be going into enforcement due to non-disclosure. I had submitted the online application for examination back in June and I checked off that I had no criminal history. My school gave us a deadline to submit all of our applications since we were graduating in August. I was not sure about my juvenile records whether they would show up or not, so my teacher told me just to check no and get a personal background check myself, and if anything shows up, just to call the board and notify them. So I did go get my personal background checked and my juvenile records showed up, I DID NOT go through with the official background check via L1Id that the board uses.

    Sadly, now I have to go get my fingerprint done on a id card, send it to the board, and they will have to submit it to the FBI (which can take up to ~14 days for results), I was also told to include a written letter as to why I lied on the initial application for examination. Then they will have to review it and see if it will go into enforcement or not.

    This process is so lengthy for something that happened so long ago and at a juvenile age. The board of pharmacy is so much more lenient on criminal pasts. I've been working as a certified pharmacy tech for five years now and have full access to all controlled drugs except for schedule-ii drugs which are kept locked in storage, but I still handle them when I fill. FYI, my juvenile charges were for minor theft...which shows that I don't steal anymore. If I wasn't a changed person, then the pharmacy is like ripe grapes for picking.

    Sorry just had to vent.
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  3. by   sandraspiers
    Gosh, that is hard. sorry to hear about it - what will you do ? for work.
  4. by   equalme
    Ugh this is such a long process. The BON received my fingerprints the other day and it will take up to 3 weeks for them to get results back.

    None the less, each rep. that I spoke with confirms that my case will be going into enforcement due to the non-disclosure just because I had submitted my online application to test, even though I never proceeded with the required background check.

    My attorney is also in the process of drafting a motion and order to seal my juvenile records which should be seen by a judge hopefully sometime in December. I wonder if enforcement will approve and close the case once they see that my records are sealed. Hopefully.
  5. by   Jlnbeaumont
    i know this is an old post but i recently went into enforcement review for non-disclosure of an arrest when i was a minor can you tell me what happened and how did it turn out what did they ask for. were there any stipulations, pls help im very nervous