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  1. I have been reading all these post for a while and I had promised myself that once my issues got resolved I will put a post for those out there who needs help.

    I had criminal background that happened 13 years ago and I just graduated from nursing school. I was trying to resolve it so I don't have to say yes for the criminal record on my application. Well, everyone knows how it is with lawyers and courts. I kept on getting dates far from my graduation date. I was looking forward to taking the test and getting my license and all of a sudden my life was on hold.

    I went on the department of health website read the information and braced myself for the worst.

    For those of you out there with criminal records have your paper work ready before you graduate. It is not end of the world. I got approval and took the test and passed and now I am registered nurse.

    I just wanted everyone to know it is possible. Be truthful and have your paperwork ready so you can apply right away.
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  3. by   bingesu
    What paperwork?the case file or the expungement?
  4. by   rockon101
    Both. They need both. If you have your paper work organized and ready easier it is for you.
  5. by   knightsofni
    Thank you so much for posting your story! It means a lot to see someone be successful by being honest. I go before the NV board in September so hopefully I'll be another success story
  6. by   livinlife67
    Was your criminal history a felony or misdemeanor? I live in Arkansas and have 4 misdemeanor convictions of writing bad checks...all over a period of 15 years...with the last offense in 2004. They were all just stupid little tiny amounts...that I failed to pick up in a timely manner because I was going through a divorce and didn't any money. I don't have any felonies on my record though. I was able to pay the fines and be done with it, and have sense taken an online college course on managing personal finances. I'm hoping that will be enough to satisfy the nursing board once I graduate. Its a stressful thing to deal with....
  7. by   knightsofni
    Personally mine was a felony and 2 misdemeanors...possession and paraphernelia (sp) I'm hoping I'll be okay but it is out of my hands. I'll pray for you. I'm sure we'll be fine as long as we've stayed out of trouble and have honestly turned our lives around. Be prepared to have many letters of recommendation on your moral character. Good Luck!
  8. by   rockon101
    I can not answer for nursing board in your state. All I can say is be honest, have paper work from all the case ready before graduating, have good recommendation letters and write a letter to BON about how and why it happened and what you have done to fix the problem so it does not happen. I was skeptical until I had license in my hand as well. Work hard and then live rest in God's hand.
    I wanted to tell my story so everyone out there trying to better there lives have hope and don't give up.
  9. by   rockon101
    Good luck knightsofni.
  10. by   Goodrida_25
    By reading your story I don't feel so bad I too have a felony conviction of forgery with some checks that I wrote I hope that it does not hinder me from getting my license my offense is about 5 yrs old but I have completely moved away from the crowd I use to hang with. I'm currently doing all of my pre-reqs in Arkansas I just hope the dumb mistakes I made in the past won't hurt my career for being a nurse. I've turned it all over and put it in GOD's hands and praying that it works out in my favor.
  11. by   Meagan413
    Hello, I am writing a case study paper for an English class.
    Rockon101, can I use your experience in my paper, as an example? Maybe you can give me your first name and last initial with your accreditation. Also, I need to interview someone who serves on a committee. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. by   traumaRUs
    Just a friendly warning: this forum is for support and I thank the original poster who has had a successful ending. However, sharing too much on the not-so-anonymous internet might not be in your best interests. Providing your name, location, circumstances is not a good idea IMHO.
  13. by   rockon101
    Thank you, I am sorry but can not give you my name. Good luck with your case study paper.
  14. by   livinlife67
    this is in response to the two other posters who said they had convictions on their records...particularly the poster who is also in Arkansas, as I am. After reading this post, I just decided to not waste my time worrying anymore, so I picked up the phone and called the Arkansas Board of Nursing. I spoke the lady who actually reviews the applications with positive criminal history. I dont think I can post her name here publicly, but you can call the ABON and tell them what you want and they will transfer you to her. She was SOOO nice and understanding. She said that she sees hundreds of these applications every WEEK. She said that hot checks wont keep you from getting your license...she said if that was the case....there would be an even bigger shortage of nurses because we've all pretty much had a bad check at some point in our lives. She said as long as they were misdemeanors that it would be fine. She did say that if you have anything more than a misdemeanor, it can take a long time to get an answer from them. If its only a misdemeanor, there might be a slight delay because there are so many of these applications that have to be reviewed. Also...BIG STATEMENT HERE....IF you answer dishonestly on your application and then something comes up (and it will because she told me they can see everything that law enforcement agencies can see) that you will be denied permission to test and to hold an Arkansas license! Her exact words were "a big part of being a nurse is your integrity and honesty, so if you can't answer honestly on your nursing licensure application, that says a lot about a person!" She said that even if you have a felony....some things can be overlooked...but that you have to be honest, just face it head on, and get through it! I feel tons better. I told her that I had been terribly worried about it...and that I was on my way to school at the very moment I was speaking with her from my cell phone...and that I just didn't want to worry about this anymore. Her words were "You go on to school, dont give this any more concern, and you have a great day studying!" So...hope this give some of you hope...especially those in Arkansas. Have a great day! Study study study! HAHA