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  1. I was 19 years old (I am 22 now)when an ex girlfriend accused me of grabbing her breast one time without her permission. Based on her word alone, they charged me with unlawful sexual contact, despite the fact that another female witness that was there at the time said that this had not occured.
    I please guitly in the state of Colorado to misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact. I please guilty bc the whole thing was just so painful for my family and my girlfriend at the time and myself. In order to go to trial, my attorney wanted another 7-10 thousand on top of the 4 thousand that my family and I had already spent. I now have to register as a sex offender for 9 more years.

    That's the negative. Here's the positive.

    I have gotten married to my high school sweetheart since then. I am a Christian and my heart is to serve people. I have not had any run in with the law prior to that, nor since then (except for a traffic ticket).

    I desperately want to go into nursing. I have wanted to go into this field since I was in middle school. I had relatively good grades in high school and graduated on the honor roll (3.1 gpa).

    Do you believe I could still become a nurse while being a sex offender (misdemeanor)? If not, are there any other medical fields that I may be able to pursue?

    Thank you kindly for any response...

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  3. by   jazznjac
    If I were you, I would contact the HR department of a medical facility and ask their opinion. I honestly have no idea how rigid hiring practices are in the field. I would think that chances are available for you. Plus, by the time you get through a nursing program, your 9 years left will be less than 5!! :-). Good luck to you and congratulations on getting married.