1. I have been a nurse for 16 years. About four years ago I was accussed of simulating sexual activity to another nurse. I was called to HR and after a hearing was found to be innocent. A week later I was called in to HR again and was told that I was fired and was given a month of pay and was reported to the Nursing board. I hired a lawyer and did the phone conference with the board. This was four years ago. The board came back several months later and offered me probabtion. My lawyer told me not to take it. I had heard nothing from the board for the next three years or so. They contacted me last week so I asked my lawyer what was going on. He contacted them and they told him that my case was given to an independent law firm. What do you think. I am currently employeed and if I have to take the probation will I loose my job?
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    We cannot offer legal advice. Consider hiring a license defense administrative law attorney that has experience with the board of nursing if you have not already. Otherwise these questions are best directed to your attorney.