Obtaining My RN license in California with 2 felonies

  1. Hi All! I'm super new to this website and did find some pretty inspiring stories but still wanted to ask my own questions pertaining to my own case so I get the right answer!

    17 years ago I committed 2 crimes none of which were violent but I did get charged with two felonies. The first felony was for credit card theft. A customer left their card on my register and without thinking about the consequences, I used it. Just by coincidence I found out that that customer just so happened to be a police officer. The court suggested it be dropped to a misdemeanor but she fought for a felony charge. The second was retail theft I stole merchandise from my job (same job)

    On top of the 2 charges I paid full restitution and completed my probation as required by the court -satisfactory. Both of these charges were in Chicago and again it was 17 years ago by the time I apply for my RN license 20 years will have passed. I've always had a passion for healthcare and I've been a dental assistant
    for about 15 years now but I feel so stuck and honestly I've lost my passion for teeth! I just recently decided to take a different path, my kids are a little older so I'm up for the change in careers and learn something new. Felonies in Chicago cannot be expunged. I've read a lot that honesty and complete transparency is the best policy with the board. I called the board today for more info and I was very detailed in my offenses. The representative said just include a letter explaining when you turn in your BRN application. I haven't been in trouble since then I'm 37 now with 4 amazing kiddos and a husband who serves in the marine corps. I volunteer with my Masonic organization and make blankets for the police department here to give to children removed from unsafe homes. I volunteer with my church and have been Mormon for years now. I teach children with autism cultural dance at the studio I own as well. I want this more than anything and willing to work for it but I'm a little scared that I will go through my entire nursing program only to be denied my RN license when I'm ready. Can anyone please shed some light on the possible outcome and what my chances are to become an RN? Thanks in advance to all who respond ( and here come the tears)
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  3. by   Persephone Paige
    Another thing to consider is whether the hospitals where the school conducts clinical will allow you to be in their facility. You need to investigate every avenue. The college will allow you to apply, pay, etc... for the classroom portion. Then, when it comes time to go to the hospitals for clinical, they may deny you. It's more than just the Board who can stop you from proceeding. And there's no repercussion. The college will just say, "we have no problem with you being a student here, but we can't help what the hospital does. They are separate from us ( and their background checks and standards are much more stringent ). If that happens, there will be nothing you can do unless you can get it expunged. Even then, the hospitals can still see it. It will just be up to them whether or not they want to hold it against you and if they do, they will never tell you why.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Persephone Paige
    Please also check with the hospital where your prospective school holds clinical. Colleges requirements are different than the hospitals they contract with for clinical experience. A college will allow you to apply, sign up for classes, pay, by books, attend, etc... only to have you arrive at the moment to begin your clinical experience and the hospital denies you. When you ask them about it, they will say " as far as we're concerned, you're fine. We have no control over what the hospital does." Guess what? It's all over!

    So it's not just the BON that you have to worry about. Even if you obtain an expungement, facilities for healthcare and childcare can still see it. It will then be up to them if they want to hold it against you, and they usually do. They won't tell you a thing either. They'll just never call you back. This happened to a friend of mine. It's very sad.

    All is not lost though. Just check everything out.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   newnurse Fresno
    There is so much paperwork to submit, would you be able to provide all of that since your case was in Chicago? Other than that I would say pursue it! Also be able to prove all of your volunteer work. Have lots of letters of recommendation too