Nurse with criminal record?

  1. Alright guys this is super embarrassing to post but i really need some help. A couple of days ago i got a PI (public intoxication). Im 18 and i have court in a week. Im super scared that this will ruin my chances of getting into nursing school. I am currently enrolled in college to get all my prequisites so i can apply to the ADN program this next year. I dont have a criminal background, this is my only offence. How much of a problem will this PI cause me? Will it be enough to ruin my chances to become a nurse? Im freaking out and i dont know if i should quit school now and study something else if im not going to be able to get into the ADN program because of this. My semester starts tomorrow but i dont know what i should do. I dont want to do a year of prequisites if im not going to be able to get into the program.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Best bet is to contact a lawyer who has administrative law experience.

    Next best is to probably search your state's BON website to see what are disqualifiers.
  4. by   nephron19
    A friend of mine from nursing school got a minor in possession of alcohol charge (basically the charge for a public intox <21 in the state I was in). This was before we were in nursing school...she had to go to court and be on probation for a few years but she is working now as an RN. Check if your state allows minors to complete a probation and have it lifted from your record.