Multi-state licensing woes - page 2

Have you ever been licensed in one state and not been able to get endorsed to another? I graduated in Oct 2012, husband is USAF, so I moved literally the day after grad. The state we moved to is a... Read More

  1. by   CrazyCoconut
    I agree, it varies largely on the state's BON per case basis. I tried talking to Enforcement but they can never give you a definite answer.

    A little off topic, but when you applied to TX, you had to report underage drinking (misdeamenors)? I was always under the impression that you didn't have to report juvenile offenses like that. I have a Possession as a minor and planned on not reporting it...uh oh.
  2. by   Floxy
    I'm going through the same thing I'm Endorsing to CA from TX, I went straight to the BVNPT and they let me speak to enforcement, they told me it would pass through them and that I should explain all my problems with my criminal background. I don't have a nurse record just things when I was younger. She said it could take 4 months its such a pain!
  3. by   keriharper
    Yes! Sorry, I just saw this, but DEFINITELY report EVERYTHING. Even though it is a pain, I did, and my friend didn't......and 6 months later I'm licensed & she is still waiting because she is now being investigated for lying to a federal agency.
  4. by   keriharper
    Floxy, yes, it is a pain!! TX is the SLOWEST BON I have ever dealt with. They "stopped processing" my file even like 4 separate times and have messed up my mailing address, told me things that weren't true, and overall delayed my file by several months. If you're processing in TX, stay on top of them. Get a contact name and follow up. I ended up having to write a letter to the Governor of TX, in order for them to get my file correctly processed. No joke.
  5. by   keriharper
    I wanted to update everyone who was wondering, or wrote me with their help. Thank you! And my file has cleared VA, which is awesome, and only took 2 weeks to do so. So, so, so, SO much better than the TX BON. I did find out that typically, if you have already been approved as a Nurse by one BON, then you typically will be approved by the other BON. Only newer offenses that have occurred after you've already been licensed should pose any type of problem. But you do have to go through the process of re-submitting to each new state. Annoying, yes, especially as a military spouse, lol.
  6. by   Meriwhen

    One thing I read about and want to comment on: your state of residence doesn't necessarily have to be the same as your spouse's. As of 2009, the law lets you choose to be a resident of your active duty spouse's state...but you don't have to do so (reference:

    I kept my own state of residence. Granted, this means we file two state tax forms, both "married filing separately" each year. But it also makes my life easier in several other ways...such as in dealing with BONs

    But this may not be the best decision for YOU. You and your spouse need to work that out for yourselves...and yes, consult an attorney if you have any legal questions about it.