Moving to California with 2008 assault

  1. Cant get a hold of C BON but have tried. I have misdemeanor assault 2008 want to transfer from Ohio. In Ohio I can not work in home health, or in facility as direct care provider.
    If I do get CA license will there be restrictions. The CBON isnot helping I am looking for disqualifying convictions besides major felonies that reslut in restrictions.
    I have a full license in Ohio BUT can not treat children or >60 for another 2 years

    And Can I get into school to further my education in California
    As it is now no school will let me into advanced programs

    I can get the charge expunged but with the way the background checks are done does it really matter
    thank to
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  3. by   ddlvnv
    Click on the link below and scroll down to page 32-35 for more information. In California they do everything on a case by case basis and will not give anyone an absolute answer until they make their final decision based on everything you submit with your application. I am not sure if this is the latest info but the basic guidelines are the same, it is hard to find certain info on the website. The rest of this document explains all the different possibilities of losing your license, probation, rehab, suspension, etc. They use these same guidelines when making decisions on initial applicants as well, not just those who have done something after they have their license. It might be good to read just to be familiar with how CA BON works.

    One thing is to make sure you submit as much info as possible, especially regarding attempts of rehabilitation. And yes, dismissal (expungement) will help even though it still shows up on your background check. The BON sees it as your attempt to do whatever you can to be responsible and make it right.