Misdemeanors and LPN

  1. I had a misdemeanor of simple assault in 2004 ( with my ex) in PA Will I be able to be an LPN in GA?

    If not, why do they stop people because of something that happened when they were younger?
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  3. by   sirI
    We can't answer whether you'll be able to be licensed in any state. That will be up to your BON when you start the licensing procedure.

    As for why they do this? The BON is there for the sole purpose to protect the public.

    You need to contact the BON directly to get the advice you require.

    Good luck.
  4. by   sheenacrawford
    I know no one can give me a definite answer. I guess I would like to know if Ga has a list of prohibited acts that would disqualify you like PA does. Is there like and Act or ordnance that I could look up?

    I have tried to contact the board of nursing and they would give me an answer. They told me I would just have to wait and see when it was time for clinical.

    I know they are protecting the public but just because someone did something in there past doesnt mean they would do it again.
  5. by   sirI
    but just because someone did something in there past doesnt mean they would do it again.
    But, the BON cannot determine that w/o investigating everything to do with your criminal record.

    And, no one can answer for your individual case for all are determined on a case-by-case basis.

    You should be able to go to the website for you BON and see if you can read through the Nurse Practice Act; see if you can find a list of crimes that exclude licensure and include licensure.

    But, again, your case will be determined when the time comes to be licensed.

    Again, good luck.
  6. by   sirI
    This should answer some of your questions: http://sos.georgia.gov/plb/rn/faqs_legal.htm#1
  7. by   Tiger747
    I hope this helps:

    I had a misdemeanor battery in 2001; became an LPN with a 6 month probationary license.
    After 400+ applications and only 6 interviews, a D.O.N. finally told me that with any kind of assault and/or
    battery charge, even of misdemeanor status, I cannot work anywhere that takes Medicare or Medicaid, as the
    facility will get a mark against them if found out.

    My state, Indiana, recently passed a law where misdemeanors over 8 years old can be sealed. In my case, since I was never convicted, I am hoping for total expungement. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible to get a job as an LPN in Indiana, at least.