1. I need help guys. I am an RN and have been licensed since 2014. I worked briefly in acute care right after graduation but lost my job due to addiction. While in active addiction I was arrested for a felony and pled guilty. I was put into IPN in August 2016 and my license was fully reinstated. I have been having a really difficult time finding a job since I do not have very experience and it has been 3 years since I have worked as a nurse. I went on 3 interviews last week, all at nursing homes and they all went well. While filling out the applications there is a question about having an exemption from the DOH since I have a felony. Prior to this I had no knowledge of what an exemption was. I would have thought that since the BON reinstated my license since I am IPN compliant that there would not be a problem but now I am wondering if this exemption is a requirement in order to accept employment. Does anyone know anything about this? Does anyone have any suggestions about where to find employment? I have tried every hospital in the Tampa Bay Area for new grad programs and regular positions. I am frustrated and feeling down.


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  3. by   Persephone Paige
    I cannot remember everything about this situation, but I do know that if you go onto the AHCA website, you will see the exemption paperwork. They should also give you a number on there to call and when I thought I might have to apply for an exemption they were really good about calling me back. The FBON also issues exemptions and this is the part I'm having trouble remembering. Sometimes the exemption is issued through the FBON and sometimes AHCA. I thought the lady I spoke with at AHCA said that the Board takes care of it if you are getting a license issued again, after it was suspended or reissued by endorcement.
    I was not convicted, I was only charged and sent to pretrial diversion. So, the charges were dropped and I applied for expungement.

    Good luck! Keep us posted! Rooting for you!
  4. by   caporalekristen
    I have applied for my record to be sealed and for an exemption. I am now just waiting, patiently, to hear back from FDLE and BON. Do you have any suggestions of where I can apply that would possibly give me the chance to prove that I am capable and a great nurse?