Illinois RN - Interview/job Criminal Disclosure (DUI reduced to Reckless)

  1. Hey everyone. I don't know if this has already been answered ad nauseum, but I was hoping someone could shed some light.

    I am a licensed RN in Illinois (new). I disclosed everything to BON about my incident of DUI reduced to reckless driving while in nursing school (horrible mistake, I'm sober now). I am looking for jobs in Chicago.

    Illinois has a "ban the box" so they are not allowed to ask about arrests/convictions prior to interview. I am in the process of being courted by a major hospital/healthcare organization for a RN Research Coordinator position. I'm obviously going to disclose prior to them running my background check. Does this seem like the right time to disclose the misdemeanor (like on the background check/livescan form)? I've heard some industry people say that you should disclose prior to the offer stage, but I think I'm torn, especially since Illinois has worked hard to protect people who have a criminal record.

    Any advice/insight? The healthcare network, as far as I can tell, considered Felonies a bar to employment but I haven't seen that to be true for misdemeanors. Should I wait until my job offer?
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  3. by   Persephone Paige
    Welp, I'd say you have hope. I've come to the conclusion that States who refer nurses for DUI to monitoring must believe that the decision to drive while under the influence is a direct reflection of our critical thinking. I'd venture that most people with a history of any sort of chemical use/abuse/addiction have driven impaired and just not caught. Inversely, many who drove while intoxicated and caught never diverted narcotics, shot up drugs, etc... So, the thinking must be that if they put us all in a monitoring contract they've effectively intervened on everyone.

    I hope Illinois is successful in convincing the board that you don't need intervention. But, the board is a whole different animal. So be hopeful, but consult an attorney.
  4. by   illinoisbound
    Oh no. Illinois issued my license free and clear. I was asking about a job. Maybe this is in the wrong place.
  5. by   Persephone Paige
    I reread, sorry.

    I have an arrest, no conviction. I have found drug and alcohol treatment centers to be more accepting of criminal backgrounds related to substances. I have had my arrest expunged. But any place that has anything to do with caring for people can still see it. It has been 11 years.

    How long has it been since this all happened?