Illinois HealthCare Waiver is Granted..... Now What!

  1. I am a CNA who works in my local veteran hospital. I am an ex offender and recovering addict. My last crime was in 2005. I was granted my waiver which allows me to work as a CNA and a nurse also. I am a recent grad with a BA, but I now want to go to nursing school and get my ASN. I was wondering if anyone knew if my waiver from the registry will help me when I go into a nursing program or will I still be turned down. I have no felonies but two misdemeanor assaults. I have been out of that life for six years and I'm at fault but is my chances of being a nurse only a dream. Please constructive advice only.
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  3. by   gonzo1
    The best thing to do is to go talk with nursing counselors at nursing schools you are interested in attending. And then perhaps check with the Board of Nursing in your state. You could also check with nurse attorneys. IE: attorneys that specialize in nursing issues. We are not allowed to give out legal advice on this website.
    Good luck with your future endevours.
  4. by   Tamia's Mom
    Thank you for your advice I will definitely talk to my nursing advisor I know in Illinois a healthcare waiver allows nursing schools or hospitals an opportunity o allow someone wry disqualifications to work in healthcare. I know this because I currently work in a federal hospital. I need all the support that I can get!!