I need advice ASAP!!!!!!!

  1. So I'm trying to relocate to Florida, but the only thing that's scaring me is the Level 2 Background Checks that are required by most facilities. I totally understand that a facility, patient, and the patient's family should be able to TRUST the nurses on staff, HOWEVER, I don't think that I shouldn't be reprimanded CONSTANTLY for a mistake that I'd made 8 years ago (Charge: Petty Larceny)...And after all, if the State of Florida Department of Health was OK with approving my license to practice as a nurse, then WHY would it be a huge problem for a facility to hire someone with a blemish or two on their record.

    I have some interviews scheduled, however, I'm afraid to make that trip to Florida just to be rejected because of my past criminal history...Goodness, I don't know what to do.
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  3. by   Isabelle49
    Why not call the human resources offices and tell them up-front about the concern.
  4. by   PhoenixTech
    Just go. Ask for spiritual guidance & go whether you are afraid or not. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    I just posted this in another thread...but unfortunately as long as the facility isn't discriminating against a protected class, they can decide who they want to hire or not hire, for whatever reasons they want.

    It's not always fair, I agree. I also agree that you should not be punished forever for a mistake made several years ago, especially if you've turned yourself around. However that's up to the facility

    If you don't go to the interview, there's no chance whatsoever of you getting the job. If you go, there's a chance...it may be small but there's a chance. So I would go and show them how much you've learned from your past mistakes.

    Best of luck in the hunt!
  6. by   greatnurse55
    I am a Rn with a criminal background....I was deeply depressed when I committed a stupid crime in the state of Michigan...My daughter was addicted to drugs It put me over the edge.. I have investigated the fact if will practice in the state of Michigan again.. the answer is NO, Michigan wants 10 years to lapse.. I am to much of an insurance risk for any employer in this State... I applied for a Florida License and after submitting everything to the board they did grant me a license....Please look at the site AHAC in Florida This is where your fingerprints are done and they will give the green light for your employment... your issued occurred 8 years ago .. you should not have any trouble getting a job in Florida....please let me know how it goes...
  7. by   luvyrpets
    I was told yesterday in an interview that the level 2 background check goes back 7 years.