I have a misdemeanor domestic assault by contact. Can i still become a nurse

  1. I have just now finished all the pre-reques to apply for my ADN here in texas. However, last month i was charged with domestic assault by contact. The incidence that occurred was completely false and i was taken to jail for no reason. I say no reason because there was no act of violence or contact to anybody in my apartment. My girlfriend and i were have an arguement which escalated into yelling. Negighboors decided to call the police and report domestic abuse. police came in. my girlfriend asleep me and three friends on the couch watching tv. police asked what happened we all stated nothing officer no touching just yelling. No person had marks on them. no pictures were taking of injuries because there was none. but i still went to jail. I go to court tomorrow and dont know what to plea between not guilty and differed. Im curious what do hospitals look at when they do a background check? can i even apply to nursing schools right now? My girlfriend and i are still together and she signed a paper stating nothing happened she was not harmed and does not want to press charges. i am not sure what i should do. If i should give up on the profession of becoming a nurse and look elsewhere or if it is possible for me to become a nurse after all. Please help with some feedback
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  3. by   Esme12
    I am so sorry you are going through this......however.....as per the Terms of Service we cannot give legal advice. I would consult a lawyer before you do anything because YES it can affect whether or not you sit for NCLEX exam.

    I wish you the best.
  4. by   MissCOA
    You need to do a Declaratory Order through the tx board of Nursing to be cleared to sit for licensing test. Look it up online and call them.
  5. by   sacarabi
    Hi, I was just wondering, I have the same incident happen to me & my boyfriend this weekend and I am so scared. Neither one of us want to press charges but since I slapped him first they took me to jail. How did your court hearing go? Was your case dismissed, deferred adj / community service, probation or conviction? We hired a lawyer though & my bf will sign the no-charges paper this week. Were you able to still work / apply for nursing related stuff? Thanks and hoping for your reply.. so worried