Getting a CNA job with a misdemeanor

  1. I'm a pre RN student and I received CNA licensure this year. Four months ago I was charged with and plead guilty to interference with official acts (classified as least severe misdemeanor). I'm wondering if anyone has gained employment under these circumstances. More specifically in the Cedar Rapids, IA or Iowa area. Thanks!
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  3. by   A.M. Wolf
    I'm not going to ask what exactly you were doing, but it's very very important that we are always on our best and most careful behavior at all times. We cannot afford any criminal charge. That being said, have you spoken to a lawyer about your charge? Perhaps there is a way to get it expunged? It may be useful to speak with someone in HR at potential facilities to know if this charge would affect anything. It is a misdemeanor and not a felony after all. As you are a student, perhaps there is a free or low cost legal society in your area? Perhaps there is an instructor you trust who could provide some perspective?
  4. by   dremenbig1
    Thanks for your insight. I think I will take your advise and look into expunging the conviction. If that doesn't work, I'll contact HR at a few area long term care facilities.
  5. by   Nurse Beth
    When you get ready to apply to nursing school, and later to take your state boards (NCLEX), know that expunged offenses are still reportable. An employment background level check will not necessarily turn them up, but an FBI level check will. Some nursing schools and all state BONs/BRNs conduct an FBI level check before NCLEX approval is granted.

    Not to say you won't be approved, but you will still have to disclose. Good luck and here's a helpful article What to do if you Have a Criminal Infraction. Best wishes.