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  1. Hello, I am from California 45years old. I had a CNA liscense a long time ago back in 2004. I had to let it go because I had gotten in some trouble. Mixed in with the wrong crowd. Needless to say for some one who never been in trouble before I ended up with a felony charge of vandelism on my record. There goes my career as a nurse, or any job. I had gone through the changes. It is now 2013. I have paid all fines and fees on my record, did the time. I got the record expunged in March 08,2012. I did it myself before the judge and showed my rehabilitation I went through Empire Business College and completed the Medical Administrative Program, but with the charge still on my record, as a felony no one would hire me.
    I wrote a letter to the judge, and she reduced the charges from a felony vandelism to a misdemeanor and dismissed the charges! I have not had a back ground check done since then I do not know what shows up, but I am tired of working minimum wage retail sale jobs. I am going to try an take CNA classes through the Red Cross, and seeing if my back ground will clear. What do you think? Wish me luck, will follow through the update. The funny thing now the poeple that I got in trouble with years ago, are no where to be found, a lesson learned and never give up.
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  3. by   SuzieVN
    Your record will 'never' be clear of the felony charge. All you can do is tell people upfront what happened, and in what order. Society will never forgive you.
  4. by   sosorryandlost
    Were you CONVICTED of the charges? if not, and the charges were dismissed, you can get your record sealed. I'm not from California, but in my state they can do this. Good luck and keep moving forward!
  5. by   MsNancy
    I realize that it will show up when they do the background check, but it will show as a misdemeanor dismissed...I did go to court and the judge reduced the felony charge to a misdemeanor and dismissed it. I am just going to try an see if it is enough to allow me to go into the CNA program.
  6. by   SuzieVN
    They have a specific list of crimes that bar entry as a CNA into working at assisted living places, and another one in long term care places, and yet another with developmentally disabled clients. Meaning, if your crime is listed, it's a no-go. Look for CA penal code/DHS, etc. online. I saw it yesterday, but lost the link. I don't think vandalism is a barrier crime to any of the three types of work.
  7. by   SuzieVN
    Here one of the list of disqualifying offenses in CA. Vandalism isn't on it, but mayhem is- now there's ANOTHER word for me to look up!?

  8. by   MsNancy
    I realize it has been quit a while since I post an update. I was waiting for clarification from the state. I reside in California and put in a request just to see if I can be retrained for the CNA course through RED CROSS and was not sure based on my past felony conviction of vandelism that was expunged back in March 2012. The Red Cross said that I would have to submit my fingerprints and clearance before entering the program so I don't waste all that money. I did and had to wait over 3 months for an answer from the Public health Boards! It was worth the wait. OMG They sent me a letter of approval. Not to be retrain, but to take the exam! I am studying on my own a bit nervous with the skill portion it has been a while since I was able to work as a nurse. I want to frame the letter I was so happy! Now the studying and realization that I have a second chance! I am approved to take exam by ATCS. Just a note never give up!!!