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Hey. I'm 38 years old and applying for the nursing program at my local college. I have a great chance of getting in based on my grades. I do have misdemeanors on my record. None of them are violent... Read More

  1. by   Jroberts78
    I'm in New York City. I spoke to the BON and they confirmed that I will be able to sit for the exam. I must list my criminal history and they judge it on a case by case scenario. They explained they are very fair with misdemeanors and the outcome should be good. It will take a little longer because they'll have to review my history before making a final decision. Thanks for all the feedback.
  2. by   wanbugx
    The offenses being "old" does not make a difference. But because they are misdemeanors, it should not affect you in getting an RN license. Schools usually do not care if you have any criminal offenses because it is still a business that needs to survive. As for the BON, they usually allow you to pay to take the exam and after passing it, they will make torturous requests for you to prove why they should grant you a license. This is when you have to write a persuasive letter stating why you are not the same person and how you can benefit society. Furthermore, you have to submit a "CERTIFICATES OF RELIEF FROM DISABILITIES" that you need to get from the courts. In addition, you need two to three letters written by professions such as MDs, RNs, PAs, NPs, Judges, politicians, Police officers, etc. vouching how you are a model citizen now and not the delinquent you once were. Good luck and I hope this information helps you. Always remember how hard it was for you to get your license and remember your patients always come first.
  3. by   Jroberts78
    Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.