Colorado: CNA program background check

  1. I'm hoping to enrolling in a C N A program in Colorado and I'm kind of worried about the background check. I have a theft charge (misdemeanor) its been over nine months and it was a first time charge. What is the likelihood that I could be disqualified from the C N A program? Could some one please give me an ideal of how bleak the future is?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    pa criminal backgound clearancerohibitive offenses no hiring healthcare facility

    however, colorado does not have same regs:

    will my criminal background prevent me from becoming licensed?
    neither the nurse practice act nor the nurse aide practice act has any automatic exclusions to licensure based on a criminal background; however, you will need to check with the school of nursing or the nurse aide training program to see if your crime(s) will either prevent you from becoming admitted to their program or disallow you from performing clinical practice as a student. the board only reviews those individuals who apply for licensure after graduating from a board-approved nursing/nurse aide program.
    all crimes, regardless of whether or not they were/are deferred, must be reviewed by the board. in determining whether to issue a license, the board considers the crime itself, any pattern of criminal behavior, when the crime(s) occurred, any rehabilitation since the crime(s), and its relevance to nursing practice. as a regulatory body, the board's primary mission is to safeguard the life, health, property, and public welfare of the people of this state.

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