California - my dream of being a nurse. help me

  1. about 4 years ago i got caught shop lifting and a cop gave me a citation for court and took my finger prints. I went to court and was offered a class (deferred entry of judgement), and upon completion of the class my case was dismissed so i have no conviction of a misdemeanor on my record. I am about to apply to a nursing program in Sacramento, CA and I am really scared I might be rejected from clinical because of that. Does anyone have experience with this?
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  3. by   cjr2619
    I'm pretty sure you are fine, I thought that felonies were the only thing that kept people from being able to participate in clinical...I could be wrong but I would email the programs. I'm in sac too. This was my first time applying to ARC and sac city as well. Here are their emails

    Sac City:

    I hope it's good news for you, but if there isn't anything on your record, then they won't find anything? Maybe go to the local police dept and have them run you? Will they do that? Not too sure but worth a shot! Good luck