Becoming an RN with a criminal record in CA... Please share any success stories

  1. Hi! I am on the wait list for Ventura College and Santa Barbara City College in CA. I have been sober for almost 8 years from drugs and alcohol. I am driven and excited to study to be an RN in the Associates Degree Nursing program. I have more than 20 arrests on my record from age 18-23. I am now almost 31. I do have one violent crime where I put my hands on a police officer and I got battery of a police officer. The other crime that I know may be hard to explain to the Board of registered is a petty theft. I was homeless and sick from MRSA and I stole some jeans from k mart when I was younger. I am so ashamed of these things. However, I have had all of my convictions expunged. I have a great job history since I got sober and I am a great student. I spend my free time helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety, and I never want to forget the horrible life I left behind. Anyway, I am so scared to go into nursing school and then not be able to get my license. Does anyone have any positive experiences to share with me? I have faith that I can prove myself, but there will be many more hurdles to get over in my shoes. Thank you
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