Arkansas Criminal Background Check

  1. Has anyone had expierience dealing with the Arkansas BON after something popped up on the criminal background check? I am trying to figure out how long this investigation is going to take. I would love to hear from anyone who has been through this.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Sammy Mendez
    Hang in there. I recently moved to AR., from Ca. I have 7 years exp. in nursing with no infractions, and a exemplary work history. However I did have a criminal hx. back in the 80's. I'm currently attempting to change my lisensure over to AR, and have complied to their application process. I keep in touch with ASBN on my process, and have been for the past 8 months. They tell me I will have to go in front of the Board to complete this, which I have no problem with. The system is so slow, I just want to get back to work, I've been on unemployment for a while now, but I really miss my nursing. I seem to be getting closer to the end of my journey, but it has been frustrating for me. Ca. granted my license after they did my background check and successfully passed the INCLEX two months after I graduated. Simply stating that since I intervened with rehabilitation, and have had no further problems, and my criminal hx. was so long ago. I know that the application process varies from state to state, but my goodness, I am not a bad person. I love nursing and helping others. I hope your situation is lighter than mine, but I feel your frustration, and impatience. But hang in there your not alone, I'm certainly not giving up on myself, I feel that this will all come to light soon, and I will be back on my career path. Maybe I'm just not acclimated to the Arkansas system, or if their understaffed, your guess is as good as mine. I have spoken to other nurses in the community, and they do state that it may take a while,(this was four months ago), they do support my drive with positive encouragement. I hope your process is quicker than mine, and wish you the best. Remember, patience is one of a nurses best features. Peace, and good luck to you............your colleague.
  4. by   Wanna-B-Nurse

    I also recently moved from California and had no problem getting my LVN license, I'm awaiting my NCLEX RN test date and was pretty shocked to discover that I'll have to wait for an investigation before I'm allowed to test. I have been attempting to contact the BON with little response. I've already been offered a job and I'm not sure what to tell them..... I'm debating taking an NLCEX review course since I might be waiting a while before I can take it. Any recommendations on a review course???

  5. by   Sammy Mendez
    I have been successful in contacting the ASBN and they have kept in touch with me regarding my application process. Its just been such a lengthy ordeal. The Program Coordinator has been very helpful with me, she warned that it would take a while because of my past, and to be patient, I just didn't know it would take this long. I miss my nursing so much and can't wait to continue my career path. Nonetheless, I will do what is needed to achieve my goal. In regards to your case, prior to taking my INCLEX I did take a two day siminar intructing me on how to take the test, this was back in California though, and was very helpful, I passed it on the first attempt within a couple of hours. There is a site intitaled "The Learning Nurse Recource Network" they provide various test at different levels of profession that may be helpful in keeping up with skillful testing techniques. Also the ASBN may provide various State approved review courses. I know they grant temporary permits, but I think its after you take the test, you may want to explore the options, and/or your future employer may guide you in some way. I hope the best for you and know you will get your license, as will I. Best wishes....your colleague.
  6. by   Witty3RN
    Can either one of you tell me know long it took to get your license when you have something on your background check. I answered yes on application and have already sent in all my info. Mine was a misdemeanor for a small hot check 9 years ago, seen my record had been sealed. But still wondered how long it took.
  7. by   Witty3RN
    How did it take for the AR BON to approve?