Applying for license with previous DUIs

  1. Hi everyone,
    I was doing some research about applying for an RN license with previous DUIs and stumbled on this website. Currently I have DUIs in my past, one in 2005 and the latest in 2011. I am supposed to be beginning my clinical rotations for nursing school in Indiana this upcoming January. I am previously from CA, which is where I acquired the two misdemeanor chargers for DUI. I came out to IN to go to nursing school while my boyfriend goes to medical school. As I have read over previous discussions I feel a wave of anxiety consuming me as I fear that my chances of obtaining my license in 18 months- 2 years is less than hopeful. I did check myself into a rehab after the second DUI and have several letters from people I worked with to become rehabilitated. Since then I have worked for SD largest homeless shelter for 2 years as a case worker for families and i have racked up some letters of recommendation from that experience as well. I have made so many changes in my life and currently do not drink and have not drank since 2011. Is there hope that I will be able to get my license? Additionally, if I am able to get my license in IN will I have trouble trying to get my license transferred to CA when we move back when my bf is done with med school in 4 years? Please help!
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  3. by   nursegali
    I would call your board of nursing but there is a good chance you can get licensed if you can show the changes you have made . They may want you to sign a consent form and do some monitoring on you for a certain time period. And if you get your license as long as u are not on a probationary period you should be able to apply for a license in CA, if you do have a probationary period you will have to wait til it's over before applying for licensure in another state.