Advice Re: Florida vs Colorado App with Old Felony Conviction

  1. Hello,

    I have a 20+ year old 3rd degree (felony) drug conviction. While I was in nursing school in Florida, the Board changed their requirements to exclude any applicant with a conviction and completed sentence of over 15 years. So that makes me think Florida might be the best place to apply for a license.

    However, I decided I'd rather live in Colorado, so I applied for licensure by exam in Colorado. After more than a month of review, escalation, and further review, they finally informed me that they have referred my application for a full Board review at the end of this month.

    Does anybody know (I'm still waiting for word from either Board) whether I can apply for Licensure by Examination in both states, and then change the slower state application to Licensure by Endorsement? (I don't care about the fees, I just want to get licensed.)

    Or, would it be safer if I withdraw my Colorado app, and apply for licensure by examination in Florida? I am more confident I would be approved by Florida as long as I submit all the proper documentation and evidence of my rehabilitation, since it was all over with 20 years ago. Then, hopefully, Colorado won't be as picky with an Application for Licensure by Endorsement.

    Or, should I just take my chances with Colorado, where I would prefer to work and live? If they deny me, I know there is a question on the Florida app about whether I've been denied by any other state board of nursing.

    Any good advice? (Forget about being a nurse, declare bankruptcy, and run away to Mexico is not an option.)

    Thank you,

    A No-Longer-Bad Girl
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  3. by   Devildog
    The Florida law is effective for convictions after July 2009. You should not have a problem taking the exam in Florida. Please let us know what happens. You should not have a problem.
    Good luck
  4. by   licenselawyer
    The florida law is not for convictions just after July 2009 it is also backward looking. It does not apply to already admitted practitioners but felony and misdemeanor convictions can result in disciplinary action taken by your respective board governing your license. You can petition for reconsideration if you fall within the time frame directly to the board and this will require a personal appearance at a hearing. Here is the link for the petition.
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  5. by   nursester
    Have a new felony in michigan applied for licensure in Florida.. Board of nursing in Florida.. knows everything about me. and I now have a License to practice in the state of florida.. will I find a job.. not sure.