"Easier" states to get a job with criminal background

  1. Hello everyone! So I'm going to ask a question that I'm sure many of us want to know. I have made mistakes in my past and I'm getting ready to graduate soon. As many of you know, the pursuit of a nursing career with a criminal background is an ongoing uphill battle. First, you need to pass a background check to get into the program. Second, you've gotta make sure the clinical site allows you to practice there (otherwise you're out of the program). Third, you've gotta get licensed, and IMO only a restricted one is worth it to accept (a probationary license mostly means no employer will touch you and you will have your record make public when anyone looks up your nursing license). Lastly, even if you get licensed somehow, you've got to find a hospital willing to hire you.

    So I've got 2 questions for everyone:
    1. Which state is more "lax" in giving unrestricted licenses to those who have prior convictions? I have 2 misdemeanors in my past, 1 of which is more recent =(

    2. Which state is more "lax" in hiring nurses with a prior conviction?

    Right now, I know there are 6 states that do not do criminal background checks for nursing license- Colorado, Wisconsin, Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine. So that will be helpful in receiving a license, but anyone heard about how difficult it is to actually get a job in these states???
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  3. by   /username
    I don't know where you heard that, but that is false. I cannot speak to any of the other states, but Wisconsin absolutely does background checks. A couple things to consider:

    1. If you lie on your application, this will be far worse for you, and will likely result in a revocation, and an inability to hold a license in any other jurisdiction as your revoked license will show up.

    2. It all depends on the conviction. Every employer ever will do a background check, especially if you are going to be in a patient care role.
  4. by   Lhalty
    I know that some states don't do a background check but they still ask you to disclose any arrests or convictions. If you fail to do so and get caught you might suffer a worst outcome.
    some states are more linient than others when it comes to past offenses but that depend on nature and number of offenses, felonies or misdemeanors, How long ago since your offense...
  5. by   remotefuse
    Check out Florida. They have a flow sheet that will help. The flow sheet takes into account time since convictions and lists the different types of crimes that would likely not prevent you from being denied.
    Also, HCA facilities that are in multiple states do not ask about misdemeanors on employment applications. So, something to consider.