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Nursing license application still pending? :-(

by abfrazier abfrazier (New) New

Hi all,

I'm in SC. Everything on my application has been accepted except my background check which I had completed on December 3, 2014. I live in Columbia, so I've gone up there and was told not to worry about it that they'd update it and nothing changed. I've called two times since my visit at least a week apart. The first call was no help at all, it seemed she was busy and wanted me off the phone. The second call the lady told me to get the tracking number for my background check/fingerprinting and call back with it. I did and the lady checked and apparently didn't see anything and said she'd check with fbi and sled and update it online. No update since those calls. Still pending. I've taken and passed the nclex and accepted a position at a local hospital that I begin in March contingent on my application being updated before then and my license show up. Any one have advice as to what I should do so that my application is updated resulting in my license appearing?

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I took my NCLEX on a Monday and passed, my license number showed up on the BON that Friday. It should only take a week for your license number to post. Check LLR or Nursys.com.

I would definitely keep calling or go back up there. My background check was accepted within 2 days.

My license is posted now. Took a few phone calls and emails for a request to SLED to be initiated for their portion of my background check.