Nursing liability report


all, this link gives access to a number of studies of nursing liability and claims for the last several years, for both rns and for nps, from a big nursing malpractice insurer. there are also links to past years' reports for nps. if you are one of those people who always worried about "losing my licence" or you're surrounded by people who are, this might be interesting reading.

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Thanks for posting this. It was indeed an interesting read. I'm honestly less worried about license issues than the potential of being drug into a lawsuit. I wager it's easier to defend one's self against a board of peers who're more likely to look at documentation and the standard of care than a jury who's more likely to be prone to emotive arguments. Regardless, having insurance to help fund one's defense (or settle if necessary) certainly seems to be a prudent investment.

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Great reference!!! It something every nurse should read and learn how to protect yourself~~~ Thanks!!!