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Nursing journey

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I am in school now studying to become a nurse, anatomy is challenging for me ... How did you guys get through it?!


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For LPN school we get a mini a&p/micro class, so when I took the actual a&p class for my ADN prereq it was easy. It could be that when I took a&p it was easy since I had already done a mini version and/ or completed Lpn school. Just study a lot, go to the workshops if they offer any, get flaws cards to review, search YouTube or the net for mnemonics or other ways to help you remember the material.


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I take my final Monday and have done great. I really recommend studying a little bit every day, taking advantage of tutoring center or open lab if your school has one. Many people rewrite notes or use flash cards so it depends on your learning style. Good luck!

It helps to identify your learning style. They actually have quizzes online where you can determine the type of learning style you prefer. I am a visual learner who actually prefers to study alone as opposed to a group. You may be a verbal learner who does well studying in a group though. Only you can determine what your preferred learning style is.

I personally do well making up mnemonics. I re-read the things I find challenging over and over. I personally don't use the technique of re-writing. I find it more time consuming than beneficial. I prefer re-reading or reciting things out loud. I read something and then try and recite the main points out loud to myself without looking at the page. But if flash cards or re-writing works for you, go for it!

I use a dry erase board and give pretend lectures. I know it sounds a little silly.. but it you can teach it, you know it! I will read about a topic. Once I feel I have a grasp on it, I will get out my dry erase board and pretend to teach it. It really makes you draw the information out. If you feel you can effectively teach it to your pretend class, then you most likely know it!

I would suggest making a strict study schedule to follow. If you study even a little everyday, it is much better for your memory than to cram. Force yourself to read, really read with as few distractions as possible, everyday if you can. When I do this, I tend to retain information better and for longer.

If your school offers something like "supplemental instruction", tutoring, a learning lab, etc., take advantage!

If you like studying in a group, form a study group.. just make sure everyone is serious about learning!

Best of luck!

My book has online resources. Have you checked? They offer some pre-post tests that show you what you need to work on plus I bought the study guide crossword puzzles...It is great. Really makes it sink in.