Walking in and asking for application?

  1. Is it bad etiquette to walk in and ask if a place is hiring nurses? Many practices don't advertise openings...
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  3. by   MotherRN
    I go in to the LTC/Skilled nursing facilities and tell them I would like to fill out an application for RN. They are usually prepared and hand me a clipboard with the expectation I will fill it out then. But, go prepared. Have copies of your SS#, drivers license, and nursing license. Also, have the last few addresses you lived at (up to ten years) as well as references with all the phone #/ addresses etc. This way, you can sell your image as professionally dressed as well as prepared. Sometimes, they will interview you on the spot and it may turn into a job. It's like 'old school' job hunting where you get that shot to impress in person.

    I don't think you can do this as easily in a hospital, but there maybe exceptions. Maybe you can do this in the doctor's offices-I haven't tried.

    It may take a while for them to call you back. Sometimes they never do. But, it's good practice to see what questions are asked. It gives you more ideas on what kind of information you can use in future letters, etc to sell yourself. Recently applications have been asking what other skills I bring to the job- so that made me assess my computer skills etc. And, since I don't have too much to put down, I know what areas I can work to improve on now.

    I have been doing this very thing- in person applications- for two weeks now. I have to hopefuls right now, pending background checks.

    Good luck!
  4. by   jadelpn
    Another thought is to go onto the hospital's website. They often will list job openings there first. Also, you can get the name of the nurse manager of any floors/units on a hospital that you would like to go to, and call them directly asking about openings or potential openings. You could also speak to the DON at any LTC directly.
    Good Luck!