Thinking of relocating/Best new grad residency programs

  1. I live in MD, graduated in May 2015 and became an RN in July. I am seriously considering relocating from Maryland since I have not been able to find a job. I used to live in Florida (St. Petersburg and Orlando and really like Florida. I also applied to St. David's in Austin Texas at the recommendation of a former employee. I am looking to go somewhere warm that is affordable, has a good nurse residency program and hospital with a good reputation. I am open to areas such as North/South Carolina, Georgia, etc...but it's overwhelming trying to figure is all out. If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions please let me know! I would be moving by myself so it would be quite a risk and commitment but I am willing to take a chance!
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  3. by   ne0ven0m
    I started in a new grad residency program in the metro Atlanta area back in 2014. It went fine, and here I am mentoring a new grad myself.

    It wasn't until I joined this forum that I realized getting a job as a new grad isn't automatic. In Georgia, it pretty much feels like it. No one in my graduating class had a hard time finding work. We all were employed within a month of passing the NCLEX. If you want to move to the metro ATL area, there's at least 5 major health systems to consider. Emory, Wellstar (mine), the VA, Northside, and Piedmont. I know the first three have residency programs because of friends who did them or I interviewed there myself.

    If you want any more details, whether about my work or the area, let me know.
  4. by   runner502
    Thanks for the information. I am unsure if they would be as likely to hire someone with an ADN though. I have a BA in psychology and plan to get my BSN but would like to start working. Which hospital and what unit do you work on? I work as a PCT right now in an outpatient cancer center. I really like oncology but would be open to other areas. What is the cost of living like in Atlanta? Would I be able to support myself working there as a new grad RN? Do you like living there? Sorry for all the questions but any info would be greatly appreciated!
  5. by   gatorgirl8888
    I graduated in May of 2015 and started a nurse residency in Orlando, Florida with florida hospital. It's a two-year contract. I had the job before I graduated. Good luck to you.
  6. by   runner502
    Do you mind telling me if you have an Associates or Bachelors? I actually lived in Orlando for about 4 years 1996-2000. I also went to college for my BA in psych at Eckerd College in Florida. I had to move back in with my parents due to medical issues, but always wanted to move back to Florida. Do you think the cost of living is affordable with what they pay new grads? What area are you working in? Do they offer tuition reimbursement to get the BSN?
  7. by   gatorgirl8888
    I have a bachelors from UF.
  8. by   gatorgirl8888
    I am in the ICU. I share an apartment with a coworker. I don't have student loan debt so I never inquired about that. Cost of living isn't bad. Starting pay is around 48,000.
  9. by   runner502
    That's good to hear. Thanks. I don't have any student loan debt now, but I will probably have to take one if I'm going to do an RN to BSN while I'm working. One of my mom's friend's daughter couldn't get a job in MD with her ADN so she found a program in ND that would hire her and pay for her BSN if she signed an agreement to work there for a set number of years. I would love to find the same thing, but not in ND! If I'm going to move it would be somewhere warmer than MD.
  10. by   ne0ven0m
    They do hire ADNs because one of my former coworkers came in under the ADN residency program. She's working on getting her BSN, but she's already gone to work in the ICU after a few months of orienting as a new RN in med surg.

    I work at Kennestone Hospital in the Wellstar system. They have I think 5? major hospitals in NW Atlanta. I know we have an oncology floor here. I work in a cardiac telemtry step down unit-- we mostly handle patients post pacemaker, post heart caths, and various arrhythmias. Cost of living OTP (outside the perimeter) in Atlanta is way more afforable than ITP. I started with a 1 BR apartment that was $800 a month. Food, groceries, gas, it's all pretty affordable on a new grad income. They pay $23.25 starting out, plus $3-5 when you add in night diff and weekend diff. It's a year long program, but no actual commitment/contract. Pretty much all the other major hospitals make you sign one, and you owe them money if you break it!

    I absolutely love living here (Marietta, GA if you want look it up). I only live 10 mins from the hospital, so I never deal with the dreaded Atlanta traffic. But if you ever want to go into town, as long as you pick the right time of day, it's only about 20-25 mins to get around to where you want to go. There's plenty to do, culturally diverse in terms of arts and food. Weather is pretty moderate, but very hot and humid summers.

    Feel free to ask anything else you might have.
  11. by   runner502
    Thanks for the information! I will definitely look into it. Do you know anything about Northside? I noticed they have a new grad program for oncology that includes infusion/outpatient which I haven't seen very often.
  12. by   ne0ven0m
    Unfortunately, I never applied there, nor did my classmates. So I don't have info on Northside.
  13. by   runner502
    Well, I did apply to Wellstar hospital where you are, but got turned down. I guess they have a lot of candidates. I did get a message from Duke University to interview next week for their new grad residency on an adult medicine unit. I was happy to get the call although the starting pay they listed is much lower than I would have thought (around 22$/hr) and you have to pay for parking. I think the benefits and differential look good though, but I'm sure I'll find out much more when I go. I'm still sending out more applications since nothing is guaranteed even with an interview! I just pray something will work out that is a good fit and where I get a good foundation.