1. On Tuesday morning, I recieved a phone call from HR and the DON to notify me that I was being terminated. You see, I forgot to renew my nursing license, which is grounds for immediate termination. I recently moved, and the renewal info from the state was sent to my old address and never forwarded to my new address. So, in all honesty, it totally slipped my mind, and the price I had to pay was losing my job. I explained the situation to my state BON, who then reactivated the license and had me pay a late fee. So, my license is active once again. I also feel very fortunate that no legal action was taken by the state since I had been practicing without a license due to my forgetfulness.

    So anyway, I'm trying to be optimistic and move on from this, which means it's time to jump in to the job hunt, but I've hit a snag. On almost every application, the question gets asked, "reason for leaving previous employer." What in the world am I supposed to say? I'm sure this topic will come up in interviews as well. How would you handle this situation?
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  3. by   suanna
    Pretty easy answer: " I got behind on my licence renewal paperwork and let my licence lapse, I had to stop nursing until I was again licenced." It wouldn't hurt to emphasize the fact that this was an expensive lesson that you will never be likely to repeat.
  4. by   Dixielee
    My employer will suspend an employee until their new license is issued but I've never seen anyone fired over it, ouch! I can see how it can happen though, and it almost happened to me this year. It expires the end of Jan. and I had everything ready to renew it sometime late Nov. but when I tried, the website said it was too early, so I waited....and forgot, since in my mind, I had already taken care of it.

    I just happened to be looking through my notebook where I keep all my CEU's yesterday, and saw the page where I had all my copied licenses, CPR, ACLS cards etc. and remembered! Crisis averted, but it was too close for comfort.

    Sorry for the harsh treatment, but I bet that is one mistake you never make again! Best of luck to you in this tough economy.
  5. by   mimivn2009
    I was just termed from mega hospital KAISER I feel sick I was told we don't think you are a gd match for this particular clinic I have nothing ill to say Abt u and will mark you as a rehire if ur still interested I wasn't even given a chance to work and show my skills didn't even make it past shadow stage ....has anyone work for kaiser and been fired and rehiried what are my chances ...thanks
  6. by   JerseyBSN
    Honesty is always the best answer. You forgot to renew your license and per their policy you were terminated. Don't apologize for making a mistake. Just be confident and if they ask, explain that it was a mistake you'll never make again. Don't explain the circumstances for the mistake.