Seton Austin TX RN residency July 2017

  1. Hi I just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to the Seton residency July 2017 program. Has anyone heard anything ? I attended the open house on February 10 filled out my applications on the 12, the recruiter emailed me on the 13th for a telephone interview and I've scheduled it for the 20th.
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  3. by   Chase09
    Hello I applied for several positions and a few are under review at the moment.
  4. by   nursegirl1189
    Quote from Chase09
    Hello I applied for several positions and a few are under review at the moment.
    When did you apply are you BSN or ADN. I applied to Seton Southwest, Breckinridge and Main for ER, PACU, and ICU also did you attend the open house ?
  5. by   Chase09
    I am ADN. I applied to Southwest, Brackenridge, Main, Dell's Children in ER and ICU. I did attend the open house. Have you had any interviews?

    Just wondering why there are over 300 views but only two people posting. Is there another thread elsewhere for the July 2017 program?
  6. by   Chase09
    I went back to read your thread. Congrats on the interview. How did it go?
  7. by   nursegirl1189
    It went really well. I received a call today asking can I come down and meet with the PACU unit director at seton main. I have been trying to find another thread with no luck. I mistakenly started this here instead of under Texas nursing I wonder could that have to do with the lack of response.
  8. by   nursegirl1189
    I also had a telephone interview with St. Davids. The recruiter wasn't very nice and she made it clear that new grads pretty much only get night shift and the pay is $22 an hour they will not compensate you for your experience. I have 2 years of tele experience as an LVN. The Seton recruiter was really nice and laid back she said day and night shift are open and you do receive compensation for experience.
  9. by   Chase09
    Great that it went well! Did they offer you a position? I have several Under Review so.....
    I found you, not sure if listing under Texas nursing would have helped attract more folks.
  10. by   Chase09
    I do not know what to think about St. Davids. From the comments I read, Seton seems to be the preferred among nurses. One would think the recruiter would be friendlier at St. Davids, says a lot about the hospital in my opinion.
    I applied at different hospitals and units within Seton, I wonder if that would count against me since I didn't focus primarily on one hospital and unit.
  11. by   nursegirl1189
    She didn't offer me a position that day but she called a few days later and asked if I could come in for a face to face interview with the director.
  12. by   Chase09
    That's great!!
  13. by   jmayra10
    I completed the phone interview for one of the positions I applied for. Keeping my fingers crossed that the manager requests an interview! I'll be driving into Austin next week to interview with St. David's.
  14. by   nursegirl1189
    What position and location was your interview for ?

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