Seton Austin, Texas RN Residency Program October 2017 Cohort

  1. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us hoping to be a part of Seton's RN Residency Program starting this October 2017. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the open house on June 23rd. I sent in applications to my top 5 positions last Friday (ICU and Telemetry). Just curious who else has applied? Did you go to open house? Any response to applications? Interviews?

    Thanks everyone and good luck to all those who applied!!
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  3. by   NARS01
    I applied for couple of positions for seton residency, I had an interview last week and havent heard anything yet. were u able to get a schedule for interview already?
  4. by   GG RN
    Was yours the phone or in-person interview?? So far the process seems slow but steady. Hope you hear back soon!!

    I had a phone interview on July 11th for one of the positions (I applied to 4). Heard back on the 17th to schedule an in-person interview. It is scheduled for the 26th. Not sure about the other positions. They still say "under review." The position I am interviewing for says "interview" so I know they are being updated.
  5. by   GG RN
    I'm curious why there are so many views and only one response...Is there another thread somewhere that I am missing? Hmmm..
  6. by   NARS01
    thats an in person interview. I got a few scheduled for interview next week. All this waiting is agonizing lol The ICU position you applied for is that for Seton Main?

    Hoping to get other comments from other nurses who applied for this cohort
  7. by   GG RN
    Yes, the waiting is terrible!! Good luck on your interviews next week!

    I applied to a couple different ICU positions, one of them was Seton Main and the other Southwest. I haven't heard from either of those positions. The recruiter I spoke to was for Telemetry. He said the ICU recruiter would do a seperate interview. I would love to do ICU, but if I get offered the Telemetry position before I even get an interview for ICU, I will take it! I don't want to take the chance. I know ICU is extrememly competitive!
  8. by   NARS01
    goodluck on your interview too! yeah me too, whoever gives me an offer ill just take it. I dont want to take chances and end up nothing lol. When are you graduating btw?
  9. by   GG RN
    Update: I had my in-person interview today. It was such a great experience! They actually ended up having more positions open than were posted online, including ICU which was my top choice! After the interview they told me I would hear from the recruiter by the end of the week. On the way home (30 minutes after the interview), I got a call and was offered the ICU position!! I am still slightly in shock, but SO excited!! I am happy to answer questions about the application/interview process!!
  10. by   Bantam
    Just found this thread! Congratulations to everyone! I was curious about what happens after the interview and the offer. I was offered a position by HR over the phone but haven't heard anything since I verbally accepted last week. Has anyone who has accepted over the phone gotten farther in the process? If so, how long did it take for someone to contact you?
  11. by   NoobRN
    Hi everyone! I just got an offer e-mail from HR too, nice to meet yall!
  12. by   bsdavis88
    Hi I will be at SETON WILCO. Pretty excited. Anyone else?
  13. by   NoobRN
    will be at seton hays.....anyone got accepted there? seems this post is less lively than other seton residency posts from pasts...
  14. by   GG RN
    I will be at Seton Hays as well, in the ICU!! So excited to get started!! Has anyone received a schedule for our orientation though?? After I finished all of my new hire stuff with Ascension, I haven't heard anything!