Parkland Critical Care and Trauma Internship 2018

  1. Just wanted to start a thread for everyone who applied for the critical care and trauma nurse internship for new grads!
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  3. by   almostBSNRN
    Hi I'm so glad you started this thread. I have an interview next week for the internship. Have you heard anything from them yet?
  4. by   Mck75
    Just got a call about an interview today!
  5. by   nursegoose1
    Hey guys! I have an interview Thursday!
  6. by   Mck75
    Got an offer today
  7. by   almostBSNRN
    Congrats! How was the interview? Did they make the offer during it?
  8. by   Mck75
    It was great. Super easy- just mostly them telling me about the program. They asked a few questions about me and how I work, but it was not situational at all. I had the "where do you see yourself in several years" but besides that, it was mostly just a casual conversation. Don't worry about it.
  9. by   mepRN
    Has anyone else heard anything? I had an interview March 22nd and they told me I would hear back around April 1st, but still haven't. Maybe thats a bad sign....
  10. by   almostBSNRN
    I interviewed last week and they said they would let us know either way early this week. I have not heard anything yet though.
  11. by   mepRN
    Thank you! So eager to hear something!
  12. by   almostBSNRN
    Did you hear anything today?
  13. by   lib13
    Hi! Has anyone started a facebook page for those of us that have accepted offers? If not, I can do that!
  14. by   Mck75
    haven't seen one

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