NYC Nursing - Application/Recruitment help

  1. I'm a nurse with just over one year experience (Cardio Surgical) in Toronto, actively applying for positions in New York for a similar role on a similar unit (although not identical necessarily).

    I have a New York license and am fairly ready to move with an opportunity, and TN visa (which requires a job offer but can be easily obtained while crossing the Can/US border).

    I have begun searching for and applying to relevant roles in NY without much early success and am wondering if anyone in a similar position, either Canadian or American (hoping the NY licensure provides equivalency - but correct me if I'm wrong) can provide any insight or tips into the current NY job market, how long it typically takes to find a position (and when/if to lose hope). At this point, I have not yet heard back on any applications.

    Also, has anyone had success leveraging recruitment services or any staffing 'startups' such as Nomad? I'd love to hear of any experiences - positive or negative. If there are any particular recruiters that stand out I'd love a referral or their contact info!

    Appreciate any and all advice here!
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  3. by   OnaTrek
    Hi! Wanted to check in and see how your job search was going? I am also an agent for a large staffing company in US, maybe I can be of any help? Thanks, Lina C.