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  1. I'm thinking of moving to Jacksonville this year but I am having a hard time with the job search because all the hospital websites are not very forthcoming with their NICU information. I have been an RN (BSN) for 9 years, a NICU nurse for 8 and want a NICU job. Can anyone help me find which hospital would fit most of these requirements?

    -Level III/IV NICU
    -Private rooms
    -self scheduling & approved vacation time (i.e no limits like "only 1 week vacation allowed at a time")
    -easy parking at the hospital (i.e. no shuttles required, long walks into the facility from offsite parking garages/lots, etc)

    Is this a possibility in Jacksonville?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    Wolfson Children's is a Level III. I don't know about your other criteria. You might have to take what you get. It is not like there are numerous Level III/IV in Jacksonville.