Is calling everyother week too often?

  1. I applied for several jobs within a healthcare organization in VT (5 nursing home jobs, 1 med surg) in late August, early September... I had an interview for one of the nursing home jobs as well as the med surg job in early October. The med surg interview was in person and the interviewers told me that they don't like to leave people hanging so I should find out about the job within a couple weeks. I have been contacting the HR nursing recruiter every other week since the interviews and cannot get any answers... She keeps saying I "made it through the interview process" and that she will work on my references "this week" for the nursing home job, and that she hasn't heard anything regarding any of the candidates for the med surg position. I took a chance and emailed the nurse manager on the med surg floor 2weeks ago but never heard back from her. I feel like I am bothering the recruiter by calling her every other week... Is it being proactive or am I pestering her??
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  3. by   SHGR
    Every other week is pestering.