I want to leave my job - advice please!

  1. I was hired as a new grad into an inner-city ICU and absolutely loved my job and everyone I worked with. After a year, my husband and I had the opportunity to move out of state which I was quite happy about but of course that meant I had to put in my notice. While I was very happy to move, it broke my heart to leave that job.

    I quickly obtained a new job in the same field in the new city and I thought this would be my dream job; it's at a large university teaching hospital opening up many more opportunities for me when it comes to general knowledge, skills, and it's easy to get involved with research and/or join committees. And yet I'm finding that I'm miserable.

    It took moving for me to realize that it's not the rush of the cardiac ICU that I love so much, it was working with the underserved population and the challenge of trying to do more for my patients with less (money, resources, ancillary help).

    I am seeing numerous jobs posted that I wish I could interview for... Working with the homeless, HIV population, substance abuse, etc. But I have only been working in my new job for a few months and I don't want to burn bridges by leaving so soon. What's an RN to do?!

    Thoughts? Advice?
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Go where you are happy. Life is too short to not be happy. On another note take you guys finances in account and if you can afford to leave that job do so for one of the many others you seem interested in.
  4. by   PQRSTmammaRN
    Update --- I have seen many threads and posts about RNs wanting to leave their jobs and start a new field. I look back on this post and almost can't believe I wrote it. I really enjoy my job! While I do miss working with the underserved and the challenges of working with fewer resources, there is much to be said about having the ability to provide top notch medical and holistic care for my patients. I have seen a level of care I didn't know existed in today's health care and I can honestly say this new job has completely changed me as a nurse. I know I will one day move on to greener pastures but for now I'm enjoying the ride. When I am ready to leave, I will have many more options to consider as a result of taking this job and the team I work with is amazing.

    So, my advice to anyone who is considering leaving their unit or field in the first six months of employment is to stick it out a while and see where it takes you. You may find it's not so awful after all.