How to make letter of resignation during early employment?

  1. So I had 5 interviews last month.

    I received a job offer right after my interview to the manager at an hospital at a different city (1.5 hour drive home). The manager has been great. The job is part time 8 hour shift. I took it regardless cause I was in desperate need of hospital job experience and, I feel I shouldn't be picky about this because I felt I fail my other interviews. So, I just sign my papers and did all the screening and passed it. Now, I'm officially hired and starting some classes this week.

    But that week when I was getting a job, I also received a phone call from a different hospital that wants me to work for them, once I pass the background check and drugtest ofcourse, and references check. The great thing about the offer is that it's 12 hour shift full time and it's closer to home so I don't need to move.

    Now, I'm not sure what to say or letter write once I managed to secure the full time 12 hour shift job. Again, i'm really 50/50 considering the manager on my part time has been great towards me. Help.
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  3. by   der_kerl
    Well before considering quitting the current job, consider other factors such as culture and benefits. Is the culture in the other hospital to your liking, do they have more benefits? I presume a full time position has benefits that part-time jobs don't offer. Also, don't look at it based on distance. You may need to move out or travel further, but if the journey is worth it and outweighs the benefits offered by the full-time job, stick with the current one. Good company and workplace environment is hard to get.

    On your query to write a letter, I can't advise you on that, but you can google to find some templates.