Help! Where should I work???

  1. I currently work on a Surgical PCU, but I am looking for a new job. I started out on night shift, then went to 3P - 11P five days a week, and have to go back to nights this week. I am VERY interested in the OR, but the hospital where I work is only hiring people with previous OR experience right now. HR has suggested that I try OR prep or PACU to "get my foot in th door" with OR services. I look at the job postings a few times a week, and there are also a few other jobs that have caught my eye. My first year of nursing school, my goal was to be a flight nurse, which means I need to work either in the ER or an ICU. I was also interested in being a Pediatric transport nurse, on an ambulance bringing babies and children from outside hospitals to our hospital. There has also been a job in the Nursery that has been re-posted. And for the first time since I have been searching jobs, I found one in a doctor's office. I know there is a lot of variation here, but I just don't know what to do. Each one has its pros and cons. Has anyone worked in any of these areas?
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  3. by   stephanie2012
    Hello, i guess you may get help from other forums,
    while, whatever you want to work in for, assistant would be a good start for you to walk further in the field.

    good luck !
  4. by   Ahhphoey
    I've worked various areas since becoming a nurse. Honestly, I would suggest going after what ultimately appeals to you most. Regardless, you don't have to stay in that position forever if you don't like it...just try something different. This is the good thing about nursing-variety. I've worked for the same organization for 7 years now and I'm in my 4th position with them. When I needed a new challenge or something different, I'd just get to looking on the job postings and apply for something else while still remaining with the same employer. Fortunately, its a large system with 10 hospitals, plus some nursing homes, rehab centers, doctors offices, an insurance company, etc.